3 Must-Know Treatments for Back Pain

3 Must-Know Treatments for Back Pain

Are you grappling with relentless back pain? The kind that lingers, interferes with daily tasks, and keeps you from activities you love? If so, you're not alone.

Millions of Americans are living with chronic back pain. It can seriously diminish your quality of life — and when physical therapy, oral pain medications, and other traditional treatments don’t provide enough relief, it’s time to see a specialist.

Eric Fanaee, MD, and our team offer advanced back pain management treatments, and we’re here to help you find real relief that lasts. Here are three of the most effective treatments for back pain that you should know about.

1. Epidural injections

An epidural injection is a shot of anti-inflammatory medication directly into the epidural space of your spine. This targeted approach aims to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain from common conditions like herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disc disease.

Each injection typically includes a local anesthetic to provide immediate pain relief and a corticosteroid to reduce inflammation for longer-lasting relief.

What epidurals can do for chronic back pain?

Epidural injections are minimally invasive, and they can offer significant relief from chronic back pain. They provide a nonsurgical option for pain relief, offering a relatively safe and effective treatment with minimal downtime. For many people, epidural injections help them manage their symptoms and improve their overall quality of life.

2. Spinal cord stimulators

A spinal cord stimulator is a small device implanted under your skin. It delivers electrical impulses to your spinal cord, disrupting pain signals and replacing them with a tingling sensation. This technique, known as neuromodulation, can effectively reduce or eliminate chronic back pain by altering the way your brain perceives pain signals.

What a spinal cord stimulator can do for chronic back pain

Spinal cord stimulators offer a customizable approach to pain management. You can adjust the intensity and frequency of the electrical impulses to suit your needs. Plus, a spinal cord stimulator trial gives you the opportunity to find out how well it can work before committing to permanent implantation.

3. The Intracept Procedure

The Intracept® Procedure is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that targets chronic pain originating in the basivertebral nerve. During the procedure, Dr. Fanaee inserts a small probe into a specific vertebra and uses heat to stop the nerve from sending pain signals to your brain.

What Intracept can do for chronic back pain

The basivertebral nerve is a common source of chronic low back pain, and the Intracept Procedure offers a novel approach to treating this type of pain. Unlike traditional surgical interventions, including spinal fusion, the Intracept Procedure preserves the natural structure of your spine — and it provides long-lasting pain relief.

If you're living with chronic back pain, it's important to know your treatment options. Dr. Fanaee and our team take a holistic approach to pain management, and we’re here to help you find the right strategy for your needs.

Each treatment offers a unique approach to pain management, and we believe it’s possible to reclaim your life from the grip of back pain. Book an appointment online or call our offices in Bethpage, Smithtown, and West Islip, New York, to take the first steps toward a pain-free future.

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