3 Signs It's Time to Consider Spinal Cord Stimulation

Millions of Americans are living with chronic back pain. It’s a pervasive issue that can interfere with nearly every aspect of your life — from your ability to work to your ability to sleep at night. And if you’ve tried all of the conventional treatments without relief, you might be wondering if there’s anything left that can help.

Spinal cord stimulation is a therapeutic procedure that uses a small device to deliver electrical impulses to your spinal cord. It interferes with the transmission of pain signals, and it could be the solution for your chronic back pain.

Eric Fanaee, MD, and our team offer this innovative treatment in Bethpage, Smithtown, and West Islip, New York, and we’re here to help you decide if it might be right for you. Here are three of the most common signs that it’s time to consider spinal cord stimulation for your back pain.

1. You have persistent chronic pain

Chronic pain is pain that lasts longer than three months. And for many people, the pain lasts for years, makes even simple tasks challenging, and becomes a way of life.

Persistent chronic pain can manifest in various forms, like sharp pangs, dull aches, or burning discomfort. It may radiate from your back into your limbs, affecting your mobility and overall function. Common treatment options include medication, physical therapy, and injections — but these methods don’t always bring relief.

If you’ve been living with persistent back pain that hasn’t responded to conservative treatments, it might be time to consider spinal cord stimulation. 

Spinal cord stimulation provides targeted relief by modulating pain signal transmission along your spinal cord, effectively reducing your perception of pain and improving your overall comfort. This treatment is particularly beneficial for people with conditions such as failed back surgery syndrome, neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome, or spinal cord injury.

2. You have limited mobility and function

Along with ongoing discomfort, chronic pain can restrict your mobility and make it difficult to engage in daily activities, work, or social interactions. Limited mobility can have a profound impact on your mental health and emotional well-being, often causing feelings of frustration, isolation, and depression.

If you find yourself increasingly limited by pain and struggling to perform routine tasks or participate in activities you once enjoyed, it may be time to explore spinal cord stimulation as a potential solution. It works to alleviate pain and improve function, making it a multidimensional approach that addresses the emotional toll of chronic pain, too.

3. You have a decreased quality of life

Dealing with pain day in and day out can significantly diminish your quality of life, but spinal cord stimulation could offer much-needed relief. It targets the source of your pain at your spinal cord, and treatment can help restore balance, functionality, and vitality to those grappling with debilitating pain conditions. 

For many, neurostimulation provides a safe, effective, and minimally invasive option for pain management. Results vary, but many patients notice significant improvements in pain control, mood, and overall well-being with spinal cord stimulation. With less daily pain, you can reclaim your life and pursue activities that bring you joy and fulfillment.

Is spinal cord stimulation right for you? There’s only one way to find out: Schedule a consultation with an experienced provider like Dr. Fanaee. He’s here to help you learn more about how spinal cord stimulation could help you. Call us at 631-265-2020 or book online today.

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